Simulation is more than Software

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Which software should you choose?

It’s your choice: use Ansys solutions at any time, as often and for as long as you need them.

License as a Service

When it comes to simulation, you need speed. With eCADFEM License as a Service – abbr.: eCADFEM LaaS – you’re perfectly equipped for short-notice project requests or condition changes. After all, you will always have the suitable Ansys, ROCKY DEM, Motor-CAD and VDI Wärmeatlas inside Ansys software license ready to hand. And if you need it, you also have a direct line to CADFEM Support.

Why eCADFEM LaaS? Because it's more than software.

What makes eCADFEM LaaS stand out? In addition to our extensive range of solutions, eCADFEM LaaS users benefit from the valuable additional services, which ensure you can concentrate fully on your simulation work – without additional costs and all from a single source: CADFEM.

  • Personal contacts
  • Quick software license deployment
  • Supported setup 
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Billing dependent on usage


No risk. All data remains within your network. CADFEM Support is there for you should you have any questions.


Complete cost control. You always have an overview of your usage. Thanks to usage-based billing.


It’s your choice. Make use of a software pool with a huge range of applications 24/7.

What our clients say

Georg Öttl

As a result, we could not utilize an annual license to capacity, so we decided to use eCADFEM. With this on-demand solution from CADFEM, we can use all the advantages of ANSYS in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

eCADFEM offers us the advantage of allocating license costs directly to the client project

B & W Engineering und Datensysteme

eCADFEM LaaS in a nutshell

for you
on the market

eCADFEM Laas for …

You only pay when you use a license.

eCADFEM LaaS is the economical solution for everyone who uses simulation in an individual and needs-based manner.

  • License request as needed
  • Costs only incurred through use
  • Professional support
For power users, access to eCADFEM LaaS is the smart solution if the existing license pool is insufficient or a local unlicensed product is required.
  • Wide software range
  • Access possible at any time
  • Simple connection
University and research licenses for non-commercial projects.

If these are what you need, you’ll be on the safe side with eCADFEM LaaS in every respect.

  • Certified software version
  • Commercially usable licenses
  • Professional support
User-specific documentation of the eCADFEM license assignment.

This makes it easy to transparently allocate software costs to different client projects.

  • Transparent documentation
  • Detailed usage monitoring
  • Wide software range
Before investing in a full software license, it should be extensively evaluated. Ideally, in a real project.

With eCADFEM, you can do this without risk.

  • Current software version
  • Commercially usable licenses
  • Professional support

Available products

With eCADFEM LaaS, you have direct access to a wide range of software solutions for very different simulation tasks. You can find an overview of all products and usage prices here. Always included: the CADFEM hotline support and additional services.

Our services

The services provided by the CADFEM team will give you the effective help and support you need so you can always use eCADFEM LaaS in a secure, transparent and flexible manner.

eCADFEM LaaS maintenance entitles the user to use the latest software version, which is valid until the end of the maintenance period and was downloaded before expiration from the relevant software manufacturer’s customer portal. Use of a more recent version without correspondingly valid eCADFEM maintenance is not permitted under contract law. Maintenance is already included in the prepaid contingent unless otherwise agreed.

It comprises:

  • CADFEM support
  • password-protected access to download the software as well as other updates and service packs. 

Maintenance ends once the specified term expires; it does not renew automatically and is independent of the maintenance of any existing local licenses.
Once the eCADFEM LaaS maintenance expires, you are no longer entitled to hotline support and your access to the respective customer portal is deactivated. When an additional contingent is booked, maintenance begins with a new term, the previous maintenance term is overwritten and access to the respective customer portal is reactivated/updates are provided for download. *There might be special agreements apply to eCADFEM LaaS contracts outside of Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Please note that support from our CADFEM Support team is not an alternative to software training and cannot replace an efficient induction for the various applications. Hotline support is only available within the valid eCADFEM LaaS maintenance term for activated eCADFEM LaaS products and in relation to program usage.

incl. hotline support

Once the eCADFEM LaaS account has been set up, the eCADFEM LaaS account holder receives the login details for the password-protected customer area from our eCADFEM team. You will thus have an overview of all account activity within 24 hours. 

We will arrange for email notification to the eCADFEM account holder and the contractually specified support coordinator (SC) for every eCADFEM account and product group. Additional email addresses can be added on request. 

The eCADFEM account holder has 24/7 access to the password-protected customer area.

  • Usage times are accumulated every day at midnight and 
  • your sessions are visible on the portal as early as the next day. 
  • The email with your balance notification will be sent on the following day and only once the balance has reached/fallen below the value saved for the notification.  

Preconfigured service notifications for the eCADFEM account holder:

  • Monthly license allocation
  • Remaining balance notification
  • Maintenance notification
  • Configurable analysis function
    • License statistics (e.g. according to USER, APPLICATION, LM_PROJECT) can be manually derived
    • Data export for internal processing
User Account
Password protected customer area

eCADFEM naturally enables simultaneous use by one or even several users at the same time. Every user can thus use one or several different licenses simultaneously as required. Please note the information regarding contractual, location-related usage and usage extensions.

Several users at the same time
Use licences simultaneously

To start working with eCADFEM quickly and securely, our CADFEM Support team will guide you through the setup process. The setup (subject to a setup fee) is required and forms part of the order in the following cases:

  • Initial setup (activation of a new eCADFEM account)
  • Initial setup of an additional location (usage extension)
  • Reactivation after the end of a term (if ordering after June 1, 2018)

If your last order was placed before June 1, 2018, and your eCADFEM LaaS maintenance has run out, the setup fee will be billed if you place a follow-up order.

The setup service comprises:

  • eCADFEM license management software for the contract location
  • Support for your local IT team for the technical setup process from experienced CADFEM Support team members over the phone, by email and using WebEx 
  • Assisted basic configuration for eCADFEM LaaS license usage (one local workstation)
  • Test operation and approval of applications using simple sample tasks
  • Best practice tips on using eCADFEM LaaS efficiently 
  • Supplementary services for cluster connection and queue configuration
  • Introduction of eCADFEM account usage

If required, the setup can be booked as an additional service.

Guided setup
for working with eCADFEM quickly and securely
Any questions about Simulation as a Service and the eCADFEM solutions?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.

eCADFEM LaaS Portals

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