Simulation is more than Software

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Licensing as a prepaid solution

License as a Service makes you independent.
Simulation at any time, as often and as long as you need it.

License as a Service

Simulation Software according to the Pay-per-Use Principle

With our License as a Service licensing model, you are perfectly prepared for short-term project inquiries, demand peaks or changed framework conditions. With the help of this cloud-based licensing, you always have the suitable Ansys license for your task at hand.

You will have access to key products in all disciplines and to almost the entire Ansys software portfolio: structural mechanics, Discovery, fluid dynamics, electronics, LS-Dyna, HPC, optimization, Motor CAD, geometry interfaces, etc.

The usage-dependent and demand-based access to the various products creates unparalleled flexibility. An individual login to the portal gives you a transparent overview of your prepaid contingent and current consumption at any time.

What distinguishes License as a Service?

In addition to the very wide range of available products, all License as a Service users benefit from valuable services. These ensure that you can concentrate fully on the simulation work, without additional costs - from a single source: that of CADFEM. Because simulation is more than software.


No risk. All simulation data remains within your company network.


Full cost control. Thanks to usage-based billing via the password-protected customer portal.


The choice is yours. Help yourself 24/7 from a software pool with a huge range of applications

of simulation software
use Simulation as a Service
on the market

Who uses License as a Service?

For more than 20 years on the market and with over 2,000 active customers, Simulation as a Service covers the needs of all simulation users. Learn here how your company can also benefit from flexible licensing with simulation software on demand.

Engineering Service Providers

Usage-based documentation of license allocation. This makes it easy to directly allocate software costs to different customer projects. Transparent documentation. Detailed consumption monitoring. Wide range of software.

Power Users

Access to License as a Service is the smart solution when the existing license pool is not sufficient, or an additional product is needed. Wide range of software. Access at any time. Uncomplicated switching.

Academic Users

If you have a commercial project, in addition to university and research applications, you are well prepared for commercial license use with License as a Service. Certified software version. Commercially usable licenses. Professional support.

Occasional Users

Only when a license is accessed, are costs incurred. License as a Service is the economical solution for those who use simulation individually and according to their own needs. Access license as needed. Costs according to consumption. Professional support.

Beginners & Start-Ups

Before investing in a local license, License as a Service can be used to determine commercial usage behavior on real projects. 
No risk + access to a wide range of software + professional support = planning security.

Simulation Teams

Of course, License as a Service allows simultaneous use by several users. Even special projects with new simulation areas can be easily covered. No more bottlenecks. Cover peak loads. Tackle new topics.

Further as a Services Solutions from CADFEM

Prepaid Software and Hardware contigents for your simulations.
In addition to flexible training options with CADFEM eLearning, CADFEM also offers maximum flexibility with software licenses and the requisite hardware. With our on-demand services, you can simply book software and hardware on the prepaid principle. Fast, flexible and secure. So, you’re perfectly prepared for your simulation project.

Any questions about License as a Service?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.