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Active mobility
provided by the start-up CIXI


CIXI is a start-up that aims to transform passive daily trips into moments of chosen effort. The VIGOZ, the first approved active vehicle, was developed with Ansys LS-Dyna.

Cixi aims at active mobility

CIXI aims to 'revitalize' everyday transportation and thus contribute to active mobility in modern life. The goal is to transform 'passive' commutes of busy days into moments of conscious exercise, promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle. With their first active vehicle model, whose technological core is a patented electronic pedal system (PERS), they are reintroducing physical activity into daily life and transforming regular transportation into 'active' mobility.

The first active vehicle of CIXI, the VIGOZ, can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and is approved for travel on all roads and highways. The goal? To allow its drivers to integrate 30 minutes of beneficial physical activity into their schedules in a natural way, simply by replacing car commutes. After all, there is no better time to (re)start physical activity than during the daily travel we already make to work, morning and evening.

The engineering teams of CIXI have developed the PERS, an electronic pedal unit without chain or belt that allows for the control of the VIGOZ. After a quick adjustment step, the PERS offers an adjusted resistance according to the style of the driver. He or she selects a difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) - the PERS takes care of the rest to achieve the target speed. This technology makes active mobility accessible to everyone. It is not necessary to be a great athlete to run long distances.

Founded in 2016, CIXI currently has 58 employees. The company is led by 4 co-founders with complementary and strong skills in the fields of entrepreneurship, engineering, and design.


The collaboration with CADFEM dates back to 2020, when CIXI joined the start-up program to gain access to the full portfolio of Ansys software.

The design of the seat and the implementation of the seatbelts in the specific case of the VIGOZ, where the driver is in a semi-reclined position, were carried out using the LS-Dyna tool.

According to Lucas Guilié, who is the main software user at CIXI, “Ansys allows us to save time and iterate efficiently before carrying out experimental validation tests. We use simulation for the static analysis of numerous parts, for topology optimization to enable a good balance between performance and weight, for explicit dynamic simulations of crash situations, and also for studying the thermal aspects of our engines."

At the end of the three-year program, the company decided to continue with Ansys Mechanical Premium and Ls-Dyna+HPC 8 cores.

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