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Particle simulation in the food industry

Optimize transport processes, avoid breakage, mix and separate efficiently, all with the help of simulation

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Industrial practice demands cost-efficient production and handling of small-sized food products while maintaining consistently high quality. However, high operating volumes and short cycle times can have a negative impact on product quality. Simulation gives you the opportunity to look deeper into your processes in order to identify bottlenecks or weak points in process chains. As a result, production lines can be optimized even before production begins, thus avoiding costly adjustments. Simulation also allows you to react quickly to changed products or operating parameters.

With Rocky, typical processes in the food industry, such as transporting, mixing, separating, coating, packaging, temperature control and granulating can be represented with a large number of detailed particles. Parameters such as the drive power or the load conditions of the products can be evaluated and displayed in a time-resolved manner. In this way, critical points in the process can be approached constructively from the outset, which reduces development times and thus reduces product development costs.

In the context of this webinar, we will advise you comprehensively on the possible applications of particle simulation. We will focus on the presentation of a large number of practical application examples. Among other things, we will present the transport, seasoning and packaging of chips as simulated at PepsiCo.


Better understand transport, storage and processing of food. How can these processes, involving food, be optimized? With ROCKY you can make statements about the uniformity of your processing and how much stress your products are exposed to during the process. Make the future of food processing even safer, more efficient and more flexible.

Target Group

Users, decision makers, generally interested parties


  • Welcome
  • Areas of application of the DEM
  • Real particle shapes
  • Break and flexible particles
  • brushes
  • Transport processes
  • Mixing
  • Packing
  • Thermal treatment
  • Live demo
  • Questions and answers


The language of the Webinar is German.

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