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Structural mechanics
Structural mechanics
Concept design phase simulations

Ansys Discovery Update Training for Structural Mechanics

Simulate quickly & accurately: The Model-Explore-Analyze concept


Training Advanced

Learn more about new functionality in Ansys Discovery with a focus on pre-selected topics from the latest versions. This training is offered as a 1-day course.

1 day

Basic knowledge of Ansys Discovery

Software used
Ansys Discovery

  • New features of Ansys Discovery at a glance
  • Efficient workflows for geometry processing & variant studies
  • Strategy for easy creation of bolted joints
  • Parameterization, topology optimization, automation & reporting


The numerous structural mechanics features that are now available in Ansys Discovery have a clear goal: to provide you with fast, accurate and clear simulation results for the development of your products.

In our training, you will get an overview of interesting innovations for quick and accurate simulations in structural mechanics. Our engineers have pre-selected several particularly interesting features, which they will thoroughly work through with you, both in theory and, above all, in simulation practice. In addition to associative workflows for importing and editing CAD, variant studies, the automatic updating of boundary conditions and the skillful use of history tracking are also a focus, as is the simple creation of bolted connections. Further topics are parameterization, topology optimization, automation & reporting.

Has your daily work routine already given you a strong foundation in working with Ansys Discovery? Then this is the course for you! You will learn you how to optimize your way of working and integrate new workflows into existing processes. This training is aimed at users of Ansys Discovery who want to deepen their knowledge and skills for simulating mechanical tasks at the current technical standard.

Detailed agenda for this 1-day training

Day 1

01 Work efficiently with external geometries and geometry variants

  • Automatically remove unimportant geometric details
  • Replace geometries while maintaining boundary conditions
  • Power Select and Named Selection: structuring complex systems
  • Demo: Gearbox housing
  • Workshop Model & Explore: Variant simulation of a rear axle

02 Bolted joints and nonlinear contacts

  • Automatically identify and idealize bolts
  • Contact settings: Solution accuracy and convergence
  • Retrieve cutting forces for evaluation
  • Demo: Gearbox housing
  • Workshop Explore & Refine: Bolting of a flange coupling

03 Parameterization and automated workflows

  • Possibilities of history tracking
  • Variant study: geometry processing and parameterization
  • Automated postprocessing via script
  • Share results: Export 2D & 3D reports
  • Workshop Model & Explore: Modal analysis with specified frequency limit

04 Topology optimization for advanced users

  • Select the appropriate optimization objective
  • Consider manufacturing requirements and constraints
  • Auto Skin: from faceted bodies to CAD geometry
  • Workshop Model & Explore: frequency-optimized brake caliper

Your Trainers

Fabian Matscheko
Engineering Services, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing
Özcan Özcicek
CAE Engineer, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Hanover

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