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Development and management of material knowledge

Reverse engineering for material knowledge with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Optislang as well as its management in Ansys Granta MI

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A knowledge of all thing’s material is of great value to companies. The value is built up from the company's internal experience or the purchase of information on the materials already used in the company. This material knowledge must be protected as a competitive advantage, continuously expanded, efficiently applied and managed.

Material competence can be derived more or less directly from suitable measurements. However, much is only revealed by working with the measured values. This is especially true when time, speed, damage or hardening-dependent behaviour is to be recorded in the simulation in a non-linear manner. Using material models such as viscosity, plasticity, damage or combinations thereof. This webinar demonstrates how this can be achieved with Ansys optiSLang and Ansys Mechanical.

The material parameters found are a decisive value that must be reproducible, securely stored and constantly updated with new findings and requirements. We will show an example of how this can be coordinated and recorded by Ansys Granta MI, networked with all those involved in the process.


  • You will be made aware of how valuable material knowledge can arise for your company from the interplay of measurement and simulation.
  • The generic example shown can be transferred to a large number of material models whose parameters cannot be measured directly.
  • You will gain an idea of how this knowledge can be sensibly captured, managed, and distributed across companies

Target Group

Material experts, department heads from construction, simulation or testing, quality management, cross-departmental managers interested in a clear example of material knowledge.


  • Data, information, knowledge, and their benefits
  • Example of material knowledge: Gurson metal plasticity from a comparison measurement and simulation
  • ANSYS functions for the direct derivation of material parameters
  • ANSYS Granta MI to manage material knowledge


The language of the Webinar is German.

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