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Rolling Bearing inside Ansys

Model bearings efficiently and realistically.

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Model bearings efficiently and realistically.

Ball bearings are common elements in design. They are usually idealized. However, there are certainly influences on the stiffnesses of the overall structure.
With Rolling Bearing inside Ansys, we can take these stiffnesses into account and implement ball bearings with minimum effort.


This webinar gives an overview of how Rolling Bearing inside Ansys works and shows how we can take bearing stiffnesses into account in our model.

Due to these stiffnesses, tilting and a slightly different flow of forces can occur. In this webinar, we will look at this as well as the distribution of the load in the ball bearings using an example.

When modeling bearings, there is often strong idealization, and only the total stiffness is considered. The reasoning behind this is that the rings and the surrounding structure are quite stiff and the forces are transmitted evenly across the rolling elements.

This is not the case with large-diameter bearings, such as those found in wind turbines. The rings will deform during operation and no longer assume an ideally round shape. The modeling of the rolling elements is therefore necessary in order to obtain accurate results in the field of bearings. Rolling Bearing inside Ansys automatically takes care of idealizing the rolling elements and forces on the individual rolling elements can be easily evaluated.


By participating in this training, you will get an overview of ball bearings and how their stiffness can affect other components of the gearbox.


Florian Mailänder
Business Development Manager, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Stuttgart

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