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Future-proofing process engineering companies

Compact and free of charge: Learn in just a few minutes why the introduction of simulation is a strategic management decision

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Decision makers in process engineering are faced with challenges like increasing energy and raw material costs, advancing digitalization, securing innovative capability, and aligning manufacturing in a sustainable and agile manner. The optimization of cost- and resource-intensive basic operations offers potential for improvement. The introduction of simulation is a strategic management decision that helps to secure the future of the company, placing decision-makers and executives in high demand.


Learn more about the benefits of simulation in process engineering. Five specific challenges faced by many companies will be used to demonstrate how the use of simulation can enable better and faster solutions. This webinar provides a clear initial understanding of how simulation can be used to improve manufacturing processes. This will allow you to plan the first steps to introduce simulation and take advantage of its benefits in a targeted manner.

Target Group

Board members, managing directors, division managers, development managers and production managers in companies and research institutes involved in process engineering.


Dr. sc. techn. Jorge Carregal-Ferreira
Product Area Manager ROCKY, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing

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