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Weld inside Ansys

Assessment of seam welds according to FKM, IIW or Eurocode 3 with the assistance of the new Tool “Weld inside Ansys”. Get practical insights in this webinar.

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Welds are a popular means of combining larger structures from smaller components. The exact description of the properties of the seam weld is not easy, so we need to implement an appropriate evaluation concept to determine whether the connection is reliable.

"Weld inside Ansys" is a tool that helps us assess the weld according to FKM and IIW guidelines as well as Eurocode 3. 

Both the structural stress concept and the local concept are supported: With the structural stress concept, we evaluate the stresses in the structure around the weld and can thus quickly verify them on a simple model. 

The local concept enables accurate assessment, even of special connections. 

In this webinar, we will show you the "Weld inside Ansys" tool and demonstrate the corresponding procedures. 


  • Overview of weld concepts
  • Procedure for structural stresses as well as for modeling according to local concepts like R1MS
  • You will get an insight into "Weld inside Ansys" and see how this software can support you in a guideline conforming assessment

Target Group

In this webinar we want to address all those who want to evaluate seam welds. It does not matter whether you need an exact proof for product validation or a quick first assessment during design phase.


  • Concepts for the assessment of welds
  • Structural stress concepts on shells
  • Modelling of local concepts (R1MS)
  • Evaluation with "Weld inside Ansys


The language of the Webinar is German.


Florian Mailänder
Business Development Manager, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Stuttgart

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