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Liebherr pushes technical progress by using simulation


The wide range of products offered by Liebherr's 13 business units represents decades of experience and a high level of expertise. For simulations, the company relies in all product areas on Ansys and CADFEM.

about Liebherr

The Liebherr Group has a decentralized organizational structure and comprises 13 product segments with nearly 50.000 employees. The highest level of management within the Group is a shareholders’ committee made up exclusively of members of the Liebherr family.

The Liebherr Group is a family-run technology company with a broadly diversified product portfolio, which includes a total of 13 product segments. The creative exchange between the segments promotes the development of innovations and visionary technologies, fascinating products and services, which make a real difference. Liebherr aims to inspire their customers with all their solutions. In doing so, the limits of what was previously feasible are being redefined time and time again, meaning Liebherr often also contributes to the technological progress.

Joachim Henkel
Computational Engineer and Head of Structural Engineering, Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

Liebherr already recognised the benefits of computer-aided crane simulation back in the late 1970s. For more than 30 years, we have been using Ansys as the most important strategic simulation tool in structural-mechanical calculation and optimization of steel components. The constructive and trusting partnership with CADFEM started at the same time. The success proves us right: We bet on the right horse from the beginning.

Liebherr and CADFEM

The Liebherr Group, Ansys and CADFEM have a very long and very successful common history in the field of technical simulation in the development and design process: Ansys develops the software, CADFEM equips users with it and all accompanying services - training, support, consulting, IT - and Liebherr engineers use it professionally. For over 30 years.

The commitment to simulation and Ansys is reflected in a multi-year framework agreement with Ansys and CADFEM. Such a milestone is only possible in a diversified group of companies like Liebherr with a central coordinating body. Software bottlenecks are a thing of the past. The large, simulation-experienced sites can easily intensify their applications, and any challenges for new areas of application (e.g., exhausted software budgets) have been removed. For the young and fast-growing sites in Germany and abroad, the focus was and still is on expanding production capacities so that customers can become productive as quickly as possible. As a result, the financial options for development tools at these sites were limited. The central license pool opens up new opportunities for these sites.

The Liebherr-wide learning subscription with the Ansys specialist CADFEM is actively used by both newcomers to simulation as well as by experienced users who are opening up new areas of application.

We have highly motivated engineers who want to continue their education. As the use of simulation expands, the expertise of engineers will also become increasingly differentiated, and this requires the appropriate further training. The learning subscription from CADFEM gives all interested parties very easy and permanent access to new knowledge.

Wolfgang Mansk, Team Leader PLM Innovation Services, Liebherr IT-Services

Enterprise Account Manager