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AXA optimizes the stiffness of traveling column machining centers

AXA Entwicklungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Maximum stiffness is required in machining centers to ensure precise materials processing. AXA optimizes stiffness using CADFEM simulation solutions.

AXA optimizes the stiffness of traveling column machining centers

Founded in 1965 and now employing 350 staff members, AXA Entwicklungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH from Schöppingen in Westmünsterland is synonymous with a complete machine tool service. The services it offers range from design, development and construction, to the manufacturing of machining centers, tailor-made production systems and components such as swivel heads and spindles, plus on-site installation and commissioning. With machining centers in particular, stiffness plays a key role in mechanical precision. Using simulation helps AXA to develop optimal stiff designs.


In AXA’s search for a more powerful alternative to the previous software used, CADFEM impressed with its Ansys Workbench simulation solution. The intuitive software handling, good project organization and comprehensive technical service were especially critical. AXA mainly performs simulations in the area of structural mechanics, as well as vibration analyses and simple heat transfer simulations.

Identifying weaknesses from the outset

To ensure it’s equipped for the future, AXA now works with the proven, stable Ansys simulation environment, which can be used to simulate everything from simple screws through to complex assemblies. This enables the AXA designers to develop components with the ideal stiffness and weight from the start and to detect weaknesses at an early stage of the product development process, without considerable effort or cost.

CADFEM Support helps with complex simulations

“As we did not always have sufficient experience with FEM simulations for very specific requirements, we turned to CADFEM Support for more complex simulations, such as involving a swivel head. The team there was able to help us very quickly,” reported Markus Bense, a qualified mechanical engineering informatics engineer who was responsible for selecting the simulation software at AXA. “This has allowed us to gradually extend concept design phase simulation, even to include existing assemblies that are optimized through constant further development.”

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