Simulation is more than Software

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Playful simulation – STEM activities from CADFEM

CADFEM has been supporting STEM activities for young people for many years and supports the current STEM action plan of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

STEM education as driver of innovation

CADFEM assumes social responsibility to help consolidate Germany as a successful economic and innovation location. We create motivation for considering the broadest possible career orientation. A varied range of activities helps inform children and teachers, parents and companies, of how modern simulation methods in education and extracurricular activities can help to foster an interest in physics and technology.

More STEM education is a central aspect for understanding and shaping the world as well as for enjoying life.

In other words: STEM knowledge is a modern form of enlightenment.

Harald Fisch, Managing Director MINT Zukunft e.V. 

Career aspiration? With simulation!

STEM jobs are anything but dull. On Girls’ Day and STEM-Day at CADFEM we open our doors: you can try out experiments and engineering simulations for yourself. Besides, we offer class workshops and lectures for career information to interested schools.


Restricted to girls

Technology is just for the boys? Not at all! Why not give it a try?


For girls & boys

Mixed teams are the most successful, and that goes for us too.

Job orientation

Offers for schools

Practical presentation of study and career paths for STEM professions.

STEM affiliate program for schools

Achieve more together: As a STEM partner for CAD, modeling and simulation, we support all STEM friendly schools, student and youth research centers, and also students labs with consultation, technical support and the organization of events. Our network is complemented by simulation experts who volunteer as ambassadors for simulation and share their experience with children and youth.

Funding program for young talent

Is research and tinkering with thinks your passion? Are you already working on a specific project at 'Jugend forscht'?
If you think that simulation could help you with your project, then apply for the CADFEM funding. We know how important it is to get the right support.


Provide us a brief outline of your project so that we better understand your ideas and needs