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The force flow in the entire model within seconds

CADFEM Extension Rolling Bearing inside Ansys

Rolling Bearing inside Ansys - Simple and precise simulation of rolling bearings

Under the influence of preload, clearance or external loads in the entire assembly rolling bearings can be mapped with Rolling Bearing inside Ansys - even without expert knowledge.  Depending on the load situation, individual rolling elements can lose and regain contact. These factors influence the force flow as well as the bearing stiffness and thus the overall behavior of the assembly.

  • All togetherRolling bearing in an entire model

    Rolling bearings can be installed in Rolling Bearing inside Ansys with just a few clicks into the overall assembly.

  • The world is nonlinearStatics or dynamics - non-linear bearing stiffness changes the force flow in the overall model

    Depending on the load situation in the overall assembly, individual rolling elements may lose and regain contact.

  • Precise substitute modelling for each rolling element

    High-performance simulation and yet individual load for each rolling element

  • Available at any timeOpen, manufacturer-independent database

    Many different rolling bearing types are supported: Deep groove ball bearings, angular contact or four point bearings, cylindrical, tapered or needle roller bearings.

Highlights at a glance

  • Correctly reproduction of the flow of forces in the overall model
  • Simulating rolling bearings without expert knowledge
  • Open, manufacturer-independent library for storing the storage parameters
  • Support of different types of rolling bearings e.g. deep groove ball bearings, angular contact or four point bearings, cylindrical, tapered or needle roller bearings
  • Consider influencing factors such as the mounting condition of the rolling bearings, preload, clearance and mounting tolerances
  • Simulate bearing rigidity as a function of operating point
  • Precise substitute modelling for each individual rolling element
Dr. Paul Lethbridge
Business Development Manager, CADFEM UK Ltd

Product description

Rolling Bearing inside Ansys in detail

Simple and precise simulation of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are used in countless assemblies to support shafts. Often these are purchased parts, which for economic reasons can only be simulated in a very simplified way in the simulation process. With Rolling Bearing inside Ansys you can integrate high-precision bearings into your overall simulation within seconds - without expert knowledge.

01:45 minRolling Bearing inside Ansys

Training and webinars related to Rolling Bearing inside Ansys

The training offers aim primarily at simulation engineers, test engineers, designers and anyone who wants to know more about Rolling Bearing inside Ansys.

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