Simulation is more than Software

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Radiant simulation

From 5G, satellite communication and RFID through to modern wristwatches – antennas are an integral part of our everyday lives

Competitive advantage thanks to numerical simulation: the PLUS for your electronics design

Demands in respect of the scope of performance, reliability and energy efficiency of electronic components are increasing, along with the costs of development and production. By using product simulation, hardware development processes are placed on a secure footing from the outset, offering benefits along the entire line: optimal design, shorter development time, lower costs and faster time-to-market – a clear competitive advantage in your market environment.

  • Hardware development article seriesSimulation-driven development of embedded systems

    It is often no longer tenable to simply analyze the system behavior of modern embedded systems given the complex requirements of today’s development process. Numerical simulation provides an unparalleled insight into physical modes of action and functional processes.

  • IntegrityPCB optimization with Ansys Electromagnetics Suite

    Simulation saves time and money. Ansys Electromagnetics products can be used to develop reliable PCBs, taking into consideration power and signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility/interference.

  • TrailblazingPower electronics as a key technology for electromobility

    Electromobility poses complex development and design challenges. The Ansys Q3D simulation program is helpful when designing layouts for power electronics applications in which parasitic RLCs have critical effects.

  • stressed ElectronicsThermomechanical reliability of electronic components

    From a mechanical point of view, reliable electronics are guaranteed through suitable assembly and interconnection technology. Simulation gives insight in the thermo-mechanical behavior of electronic devices.

Benefits of numerical simulation in electronics development

Verification and optimization of inverter setups

Electronics CADFEM webinar
Increasing electrification, particularly in electromobility, and growing demands for energy efficiency are setting new standards for power electronics. Electrical and thermal simulations are proven aids that help designers to make the right decision at an early stage of development.

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